Dental cleaning in Russia

Today I went to do my dental cleaning. And since I am currently in Russia I had to do it here.

The office and the personal looked quite nice. The price was ok-  1750 rubles which is 35 dollars. is My hopes were high when the person who was going to do my cleaning turned out to be the actual doctor, dentist! Surprise! Apparently in Russia dentists do cleaning.

I seat and waited. The doctor came and started with the exam free of charge. She told me how all my teeth are doing. She said that I have one defect filling and one filing is missing. Interesting! I remembered how in USA doctors can’t tell you what is going on with your teeth before they x ray. You also pay extra for the exam.

Than the procedure started. Doctor gave me glasses and shower cap. 🙂 I thought the glasses will protect eyes from the lamp, but what is the shower cap for?

Holly Cow! Right away, my face was splashed with who knows what. It felt like I am showering my face. Literally.T han the doctor rinsed it all with very intense gash of water. My tongue didn’t like it a single bit.  It seemed like the doctor didn’t care what she was rinsing teeth or tongue. After that there was a pretty standard procedure except that she used floss that looked like a blue ribbon. It was very wide. Maybe she did use a ribbon 🙂 That won’t surprise me.By the end of the cleaning I’ve heard her ask her assistant to “bring her hedrogine peroxide”.”Again”. Hmm! She put it on a cotton ball and wiped my teeth with it. Is it even ok to swallow?? After that she said we are all done.

The final shock was when I looked at my face in the mirror. My face was covered with white powder like I did a mask or something. I looked terrifying! But my teeth were clean! The result was actually very good.