Dacha is simply a garden, usually with a little house that almost every Russian family have. When summer starts, family members go to dacha to plant vegetables. During 90s Russia had a horrible economic crisis and the dacha was the only means of surviving for some, and a lot of help for most. Now its used more for growing fresh vegetables and for grilling shish kebabs Russian version (gatherings with friend drinking  alcohol is a favorite activity among many). Usually, older people like gardening, so many are at dacha during late spring and summer taking care of the garden. Depending on how rich the family is their dacha will look better or worse. Well, our dacha looks something like below average… My grandma still takes a very good care of the garden though. She is not that strong this year, so I had to go and help her out. So I did.

First, we woke up at 7, ate close to nothing and went to take a train (subway) to Novosibirsk main railway station. There, we took a big train to station Kochenevo. The train took us one hour and 10 minutes. After that we walked about 30 minutes to our dacha from station. Of course wealthier families have theirs dacha closer to town and use cars, but those are not us. I remember when I was a kid we had dacha in different place. Back then we had to walk 50 minutes to the dacha!

IMG_4002 IMG_4007

One other attribute of coming to the dacha worth mentioning is that when you there, you must change to old  clothes and some old boots, so your clothes won’t get dirty and you can make home civil. It’s like a dress up for adults. lol. Look at me on the picture! 🙂

When we finally made to the dacha, we started with watering strawberry, apple trees and flowers. After that, we made 3 long garden beds. We planted carrots, beets, and onions.


Then grandma came up with the idea to plant potatoes. And we did. I was the only one with a shovel!! At the end, I was very proud of myself and asked my grandma to make a picture of me. After making a picture she asked me if I am proud to plant it. And so I said of course I am. She said that when she was younger her family planted 6 or 8 times of that. But hey!!


After all watering and planting we went home the same way we came. It took us about another 2 hours to make it home…