Biglion is Russian Groupon

Biglion is Russian Groupon? Not so much!!


So I found a very nice website that I use to buy different services. I really love it. I bought several things for Mila for 50% off and for myself. But its so hard to pay for it. Why? Because I can’t pay for anything online with my american credit/debit card! I have no idea why and I did call to customer service to unblock my Russian transactions… Go figure! I also can’t pay with paypal… But I found the way. Its hard but doable. And I do want a discount, so I have to do this…

First, when you need to pay for Biglion you choose option to pay at the store. After that, you do the following:

-go to atm and get cash

-go to the store and pay for it

-get receipt from them and go home

-login to the website from home

-choose print the coupon and copy it to your flashcard

-go print it (in my case I actually have to go somewhere and print it)


And there you have it. Enjoy your 50% off